Kitty Kitty: Slot Overview

The (friendly) competition for pet owners’ attention continues from living rooms worldwide to online slot grids. We’re talking about cats and dogs fighting for affection. Dogs may be ‘humans’ best friend, but cat and dog slots are tough competitors in gaming. Both categories have great games, from Pragmatic Play’s classic The Dog House Megaways to Kalamba Games’ Phat Cats Megaways and BTG’s King of Cats.

However, Red Tiger’s Here Kitty Kitty is more tamed. It’s set in a cozy living room with an armchair and indoor plants, the most homey setting possible. Here Kitty Kitty was suspected to emphasize attractiveness from the start. The home screen has cats, love, and the motto ‘Our furry companions are up to something…’ An charming start, and Here Kitty Kitty was cute throughout.

It’s time to admit that Here Kitty Kitty isn’t a Red Tiger monster. Scatter pays/pay everywhere online slot played on a gaming grid with 7 columns and 7 symbols. Players win when 12 of the identical symbols appear anywhere on the board. Cascade mechanics replace winning symbols with symbols falling from above. The feature purchase function yields 95.73%, or 95.7%, using a medium-high volatile math model. Bets range from 10 p/c to £/€40, and the feature purchase costs 50x the stake.

Kitty Kitty has 8 regular payouts. Clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades that look like yarn bundles pay little, but four cuddly moggies pay high. Scatter winnings with 12-14 matching symbols pay 0.5 to 5 times the stake, whilst 45+ matching symbols pay 10 to 300 times. Not all scatter pay games exclude wilds. Kitty Kitty may replace any normal paying symbol with its fish in a fish bowl wild symbol.

Here Kitty: Slot Features

Kitty Kitty employs a cascade technique to feed a progress bar that triggers features at waypoints. Winning symbols propel the Yarn Ball along a 4-stage progress meter in Here Kitty Language. Enough victories trigger features, which may trigger further wins. The paytable calls it Purrpetual Motion. Cute thing.

Stages 1, 2, 3, and 4 require 20, 30, 40, and 50 more symbols. Filling a stage activates a random modifier. After a cascade, the modifier activates when no more wins form. Despite having many modifiers, only one triggers. Swap, Destroy, and Random wilds can activate in the first three stages, but Catmageddon always triggers in stage 4.

Swap symbols—transform random grid symbols into another random kind.

Destroy random grid symbols to make room for new ones.

Random wilds — reel symbols become wilds.


When this bonus activates, a 2×2 random cat pay symbol appears at the bottom of the reels and symbols drop in. All other symbols are inactive and cannot produce victories. Only the 2×2 selected symbol is active. Matching symbols stay on the grid and drop to the lowest place on their reels.

This continues until no active symbol appears, then a victory evaluation. New active symbols next to the original symbol can combine to produce a 7×7 symbol with an x7 multiplier. The multiplier of a 3×3 symbol is x3, a 4×4 symbol is x4, etc.

Here Kitty: Slot Results

Can I use cute three times? It may sound like overkill, but it was the term that sprang to mind when testing Here Kitty Kitty. Kitty Kitty doesn’t challenge grid slot/anywhere pays fans, but it doesn’t attempt to either. Instead, the focus seems to be on creating a warm, cuddly gaming experience with friendly-eyed cats who would cheerfully jump off the screen to snuggle on a lap and nap while their owners watch something peaceful on the TV.

As an online slot, Here Kitty Kitty has claws and won’t always purr. In a Reactoonz-like mode with a pay-anywhere system, winning symbols activate feature triggers when the Yarn Ball moves far enough along the progress bar. Even the game’s conclusion, the Catmageddon, features Gargantoon elements. Fair enough, Catmageddon is a special beast. You may call a small ball of fur with wide eyes a beast. Stacking symbols that match the initial sign as it expands and multiplies may be enjoyable. Though amusing, Here Kitty’s limitations aren’t quite mind-bending, altering all we know about pay-anywhere slots at 2,135.45 times the wager.

Still, Red Tiger’s goal in making Here Kitty Kitty was probably something else. Here Kitty Kitty celebrates beautiful kitties with familiar gameplay and a unique culminating Catmageddon feature.