A Word and Phrase Guide to Slot Machines

If you want to know what the slots players mean when they speak shop, you need study up on their lingo. The words and phrases needed for slots are compiled in a glossary.

Definitions of Machine-Related Terms

A malfunctioning machine will have a candle-shaped light that flashes to alert the user.

When a player wins, the coins are transported to the tray from the coin hopper, which is an electromechanical component.

In video machines, the player’s credit balance is shown via the credit meter.

Slot machines that use mechanical reels that are driven by electricity are known as electromechanical slots.

In 1975, Fraley created Fortune Coin, the first video slot machine.

This is the Liberty Bell, Fey’s first slot machine from 1887.

Slot machines with a higher number of winning lines but smaller payouts are called loose slots.

Bally Manufacturing’s 1964 Money Honey was the first electromechanical slot machine.

RNG stands for “Random Number Generator,” the piece of software that video slots use to create random symbol combinations.

Each possible combination of symbols and their quantity on the reels. Slot machines can be designed with three or five reels.

“Rollup” refers to the visual and auditory sensations that occur after a strike.

Games where the player stands up are known as “stand up” slots.

Automated teller machines (ATMs) take in tickets that represent the bankroll and instead of money, give out redeemable vouchers.

Slot machines that are tight provide higher payouts but fewer ways to win.

Tilt refers to a slot machine problem.

Video Slots: These are slot machines that use video technology and are controlled by software.

Term Used in Connection with Video Games

Bonus Games: These games trigger when specific symbols appear in a winning combination and give additional prizes.

Slots tournaments where the prize pool is the amount paid by participants themselves are called buy-in tournaments.

 Make a hit: in order to match winning symbols

The highest amount of coins that may be bet on a single spin is called the Maximum Bet.

Slot machines with more than one payline are known as multiline slots.

Multipliers: The payoff is multiplied when specific symbols occur in the displayed combination.

Multi-Spin Slots: These games allow players to freeze specific reels and spin the rest of the reels again after the initial spin.

 A successful combination on a payline.

The paylines and their respective amounts are listed in the payout table.

Slots with a progressive jackpot are those in which the payout grows in proportion to the amount wagered.

Scatter Symbols: When they appear in the specified combination, symbols that are classified as scatter symbols bring additional bonuses.

Different amounts are paid out based on the amount of coins wagered in a staggered payment table. Payouts tend to be higher when maximum coins are staked.

The displayed combination is made up of the symbols, which are the visuals on the reels. The symbols in modern games are made to fit in with the overall concept.

 The jackpot sum of a static jackpot slot machine is always the same.

A wild symbol is a substitute symbol that can complete a payline regardless of its normal function.